The Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation 6

A series of 12 poetry films from the Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation, Poetry Ireland, and Druid, showcasing work by Ireland’s most exciting new poetic voices, as well as performances and new takes on classic Irish poetry.

Dagogo Hart reads "Saddle" by Corbin Louis and Nithy Kasa reads 'Charcoal Iron".

Dagogo Hart is a Dublin-based poet, writer, playwright, performer, and spoken-word artist. Hart’s poetry is inspired by his hometown in Lagos and his experiences since moving to Ireland.

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Hart started working with words at the age of 13. In secondary school, he was part of a rap group, Domack, which helped him sharpen and improve his writing skills.

In 2010, Hart received a scholarship to study in Ireland for a year of medical school preparation. The next year, Hart began attending University College Cork’s pharmacy programme. He continued to write, switching from rap to poetry, and was published in the University College Cork’s Motley magazine and The Moth.

In 2016, Hart moved to Dublin, where he began his career as a spoken-word poet. In 2017, he won the Slam Sunday Grand Slam, qualifying him to perform at Electric Picnic as part of the Cúirt festival, and became an All Ireland poetry slam finalist. Since then, he has performed for festivals including Mother Tongues, St. Patrick’s Festival, Dublin Fringe, Drogheda Arts, Spirit of Folk, Body & Soul, and First Fortnight.

Nithy Kasa was born in Kimpese, a town in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and grew up in the country’s capital, Kinshasa. In 2005, the teenaged Kasa moved to Galway, Ireland, to live with a relative.

A poem she submitted to her secondary school’s magazine caught the attention of her English teacher, a renowned Galway poet. Her teacher’s encouragement led to her enrolment in Poetry Ireland’s national Poetry Aloud Competition, where she reached the finals multiple times. More contests followed in poetry and public speaking, and from that point on, writing poetry became a major part of Kasa’s life.

This selection of gorgeously captured poetry films is a celebration of beloved poems of Irish history as well as the diverse and thriving poetry of the present day.

Over the course of six days, viewers can tune in to experience Ireland’s most exciting new poetic voices reading their own work, as well as that of the poets who inspired them.

Subjects span the personal and universal, touching on broad human themes that include immigration, inspiration, and our relationship with the natural world.

Two new poetry films will be streamed each day over six days in partnership with the St. Patrick’s Festival.

Filmed by Matthew Thompson
Headshots by Matthew Thompson