Science At Home with Dr. Dan Nicktström

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    Science At Home with Dr. Dan Nicktström

    Science at Home is an exploration of the science all around us

    Presented and created by Dr. Dan Nickström, in partnership with Midlands Science.

    Each episode explores and explains a different scientific topic in a fun and approachable manner, from the everyday things we encounter in our homes, to the weird and wacky laws of physics out in space!

    Check out these 3 episodes hand picked for the 2022 St. Patrick’s Festival and see what you can learn too!

    Science at Home is suitable for all ages and is enjoyed by primary school kids, right up to old age pensioners!

    Presented and created by Dr. Dan Nickström

    Filmography and editing by Slawomir Bracki

    Animations by Paulina Nickström

    Supported by Midlands Science

    To find the whole back catalogue of episodes and to keep up to date on new ones, check out the Science at Home section of the Midlands Science website or subscribe to the Midlands Science Youtube channel.