• Thu 17 Mar
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    In “Saoirse”, a documentary on working-class Dublin horse culture, Marion Bergin takes a snapshot of some of the men involved as they struggle to keep it alive in the face of gentrification.

    Dublin is a city in the midst of a property development boom and with the gentrification of the inner city, working-class horse culture is being marginalised.

    It’s something unique to the city and likely won’t exist in fifteen years. The scene has been riddled with horse welfare issues over the past 30 years and as a result, the media rarely paints a positive picture of the people and their horses.

    As with all stories, there are two sides and this film presents the other. In it we encounter four men of different generations who genuinely care for their horses as they struggle to keep their hobby alive in a town turning into a homogenised European city.

    Shot in the horse yards of Dublin 1 and Dublin 7, Saoirse is an 8.30 minute documentary short that provides a snapshot of the culture.

    For Dubliners and tourists alike, horses occupy a fond place in people’s memories of the cityscape and Saoirse expands from that obscurity into something relatable.

    Marion researched relentlessly to find the people presented in the film and delivers a piece that reflects the warmth and generosity of those she met. Pushing beyond stereotypes commonly associated with young men from the inner city was key as was giving a voice to people whom society too often chooses to mute.