Dawn to Dusk

  • Sun 20 Mar
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    Dawn to Dusk

    Dawn to Dusk by Therry Rudin observes and documents the artists’ collective Na Cailleacha, formed during 2020 to explore being female, older and hopefully wiser

    Including Therry herself, Na Cailleacha are six visual artists, one jazz musician, and a curator-writer in their 70s who came together on a collective residency in Ballinglen, Co.Mayo to explore their attitudes to ageing, their bodies, their place in the artworld and how they relate to culture and heritage as older women.

    Dawn to Dusk documents these eight female artists as they delve into fascinating conversations on making art, ageing and how their processes have changed throughout their 500 odd collective years.

    • About

      We are Na Cailleacha, from the Irish word ‘cailleach’ meaning a witch or a divine hag. We want to explore what it means to be women who are getting older and arguably becoming invisible and what strategies we devise to overcome the challenges of ageing.

      Between us we share well over 500 years of experience of being women, as artists, as curator/writer/historian and as composer. We want to make art that allows us to explore this collective experience, our attitudes to ageing, our bodies, our place in the artworld, and how we relate to a different culture and heritage. Central to this developmental opportunity in this phase of our careers is working collaboratively, enabling us to do what women have always done – mentored, supported and argued with each other - so that we can share the fruits of this time together with other people in Ireland.

      We work and explore ideas and issues that are relevant to us now and as they arise out of collective meetings and residencies. Our concerns embrace the processes of ageing, loss and stereotypes of the witch or hag in society and we hope to work across generations, gender, race and class identities to make socially committed art with and for the community.