The Book of Names

  • Fri 18 Mar
  • Ages
    Over 18s
    Content Warning
    Contains loud noises, violence, adult themes and references to death

    The Book of Names

    In days of upheaval a new resilience has taken hold

    Two of Ireland’s leading theatre companies collaborate for the first time, to present a hugely ambitious co-production that plots a singular path through one of the most secretive, contentious and turbulent times in Irish history.

    Drawing on two 100-year old books—a unique historical ledger which documents in careful detail the names, ages and roles of every employee in Dublin Port, and an intelligence dossier containing names and photographs of potential targets—The Book of Names tells a tale of espionage, high stakes and a deadly game of historical doublethink.

    Supported by the Arts Council, Dublin Port and Greater Houston Community Foundation