Actual Reality Arcade

  • Thu 17 Mar
  • Fri 18 Mar
  • Sat 19 Mar
  • Sun 20 Mar
  • Times
    Open from 12:00 pm
    All Ages
    • Free, Unticketed

    Actual Reality Arcade

    Featuring ten giant playable models of classic retro games from an Donkey Kong to Whac-a-Mole.

    The Actual Reality Arcade takes things several steps further … It’s a pleasingly hands-on set-up featuring ten giant playable models of classic retro games: everything from an IRL Donkey Kong-style challenge to life-sized asteroids and a huge scale Whac-a-Mole (starring a brave volunteer as the mole).

    If your 2022 resolution was ‘look at screens less’, then pelting pixelated spaceships with beanbags to the save the planet from alien invasion might be just the ticket.

    A highly engaging mix of fun, laughter and physical play. The Actual Reality Arcade brings back nostalgic memories and creates many opportunities for new happy ones. It has proved hugely popular with players and audiences and has brought joy wherever it has been.