A History of Irish Food with Tadgh Byrne: Ep 1

A five part mini-series for SPFTV centres around the Irish diet, with a focus on culinary history and, to a lesser extent, food production. Tadgh will visit some iconic historic locations around Ireland, chat with a range of guests from historians and food scientists to foragers, chefs and farmers while sampling plenty of delicious food along the way.

Episode 1: Prehistoric (7000BC – 600 AD): Wild Food

Here in Ireland we have a long and rich food history, and now you are invited to join Tadgh Byrne on a journey as he discovers how we got to where we are today.

First stop on the journey is the National Heritage Park in Wexford, which covers the period from the first settlers right up to the Normans, where we meet *Park Tour Guide Derek O'Brien to find out what the early Irish diet consisted of.

Including tours and cookery demos, an insight into foraging and ancient cooking and preservation techniques we also catch up with Rose Greene and Margaux Dejardin to discuss how these are back in vogue now, proving that like all history, food history is forever cyclical.


Join chef and Food Studies graduate Tadgh Byrne as he explores Ireland’s rich history through the medium of food. The series will showcase Ireland’s culinary history from prehistoric times to the present day, demonstrating how our past has affected the way we eat today and highlighting a range of people who are doing interesting and innovative things around food in 2021.

This informative yet fun show is suitable for all ages. It will especially appeal to Irish diaspora and those with an interest in food or history, and is sure to help put Ireland on the map as a foodie destination in the coming years.

Artist: Tadgh Byrne
Film Maker: The Reelists
Featuring: Derek O'Brien, Paul Smith, Rose Green, Margaux Dejardin

Commissioned By St. Patrick's Festival