DesignOpp are holding a hashtag challenge on Instagram & Twitter, and we want you to get involved!

Using the hashtag #SPFIrelandInColour, DesignOpp hope to encourage other creatives of colour in Ireland to share their story and create pieces based on their own experiences as a person of colour in Ireland. They will be reposting all pieces on their Instagram stories. When the Festival begins on March, 16 the best of the bunch will be highlighted on their Instagram feed, Twitter as well as the official SPF pages too. 

Ireland in Colour is a creative showcase for St. Patrick’s Festival, made in collaboration with DesignOpp, an IDI initiative championing diversity for People of Colour in the Irish design and creative industries. The showcase features 5 diverse creatives across different disciplines depicting their experiences as People of Colour in Ireland, and will be narrated by the talented writer and poet FeliSpeaks. 
The creatives featured in the showcase include Illustrator & Co-founder of DesignOpp Grace Enemaku, 3D & Motion Designer Farouk Alao, Illustrator Kate Escolin (TinyGreens), 2D Artist & Illustrator Carolina Coroa and Photographer & Filmographer Jordy. The videos will be available on SPFTV from 16-20 March, with a new video released each day.  

All mediums and experience levels are welcome to join in, from professionals to children. We encourage you to use any medium to express yourself, be it graphic design, film, photography, 3D, illustration, paint, architecture, product design & anything else you can imagine. 
Our hope is that this project will foster unity and understanding between People of Colour and everyone who calls Ireland home. Both by making People of Colour feel part of St. Patrick’s Festival and Ireland’s story, as well as fostering understanding of the POC experience for the people of Ireland. 


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